Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry Maintenance

Diamonds are the hardest known substance and the purest form of carbon in the world. They are being used in jewelery since diamond jewelery is the most attractive type of jewelery in the world. Diamonds are durable and rigid and can last for lifetimes and even passed down generations. They are reliable because they keep their luster and beauty regardless of the environment. There is a chance that they would be chipped, dulled or scratched if not handled properly. Sometimes people don’t take care of their diamonds and they perform their daily routines (due to which their diamonds may get dislodged from their setting and fall), hence it is ideal to ensure that diamonds are firmly set in the item.

A diamond may be scratched with another diamond hence it is ideal to store diamond jewelery separately with care to ensure there is no frictional contact. If they are stored in the same place then they should not be in contact with one another. It is good to store diamond jewelery in fabric jewel cases or a box with dividers to avoid any contact. You should not wear costly diamond jewelery while doing heavy work. Diamonds are rigid and durable but it can be chipped or some activity may loosen its setting hence diamonds should be handled with care.

Different chemicals such as chlorine bleach may discolor your diamonds hence you should try to avoid diamonds from coming in contact with corrosive chemicals. If your diamonds are not set properly and need some kind of treatment then it is better to pay attention and repair your jewelery as soon as possible. You can perform some kind of treatment such as steam cleaning to clean your diamonds. Sometimes laser treatment is used to treat your diamonds but the advice of a trusted jeweler will be good before taking any step. He can advise you whether you need a treatment or not on your diamonds and jewelery.

People like diamonds and jewelery so jewelers are designing diamond jewelery in beautiful and attractive designs. You should check your diamond jewelery regularly to analyze its appearance and ensure there is no damage. It will help to do proper cleaning treatments at the right time and will not bring any major loss. Some diamonds are not much expensive so you can ignore them but in case of costly diamonds and jewelery you should not ignore them because diamonds may fall from the jewelery without you ever noticing.